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Título: Maintenance strategies for permanent way: an integrated approach
Autor(es): Santos, Cleriston Henrique dos
Lage, Felipe Stiegert
Lopardi, Filipe Reis
Silva, Laís de Figueiredo
Andrigheto, Rafael
Orientador: Espindola, Jean Carlos
Número da turma: FM - T02
Data do documento: 2020
Citação: SANTOS, Cleriston Henrique dos et al. Maintenance strategies for permanent way: an integrated approach. 2020. 75 f. Final Project (International Certification in Management of Rail and Metro Rail Systems) - Deutsche Bahn; Instituto de Transporte e Logística, Brasília, 2020.
Resumo: Maintenance is one of the most representative processes of a railway from the perspective of operating costs. Ensuring the efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of the railway system requires the determination and maintenance of optimum levels of safety and availability of assets, in order to support the operational needs and financial objectives of the business. However, maintenance routines imply allocation of costs and operational windows, making essential, therefore, the development of maintenance policies and strategies that help in determining the optimal points for interventions, thus, seeking to maximize financial and operating results of the whole system. In this context, the permanent way maintenance represents a major challenge for managers and technicians, as dispersion, high costs of intervention and the mandatory interruption of traffic for the execution of services require robust and well defined equipment, processes, control and management techniques, making it necessary to validate the planning strategy of maintenance in criteria such as traceability and precision. Thus, inspection and monitoring routines play a fundamental role in the construction of maintenance strategies, since, through the development and application of new technologies and concepts enhance the collection of a significantly greater volume of information regarding the condition of the assets, enabling the optimization of interventions and the achievement of the aforementioned objectives. The present work proposes a review over the maintenance processes based on the evaluation of the operational and financial impacts of an alternative strategy, with the potential restructuring of the processes for prioritizing the maintenance of railway lines. To this end, the case of a Brazilian railway operator will be analyzed and, finally, an estimate of potential gains from the implementation of a new concept will be presented.
Palavras-chave: Reliability
Permanent way
Descrição: Final Project (International Certification in Management of Rail and Metro Rail Systems) - Deutsche Bahn; Instituto de Transporte e Logística, Brasília, 2020.
Aparece nas coleções:Gestão de Sistemas Ferroviários e Metroferroviários (FM)

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